Our trip to Ketteler Hof

Our trip to Ketteler Hof

We went to Ketteler Hof on 4th of May. I really enjoyed our trip to the Ketteler Hof. It was very fun. I went there with all the 5th graders and of course with my friends. We were four people in our group. We went there by bus, which we shared with class 5G. The best things there were the water slides and the carpet slide. I didn’t really like the horse rides. The food there was very tasty! I ate 2 vanilla ice creams. We went home at 2 o’clock and arrived at school at 3 o’clock. It was a very fun day!

Jolina, Englisch Forderkurs


Last Wednesday all 5th-graders went to Ketterler Hof, I was in a group with Aylin, Seyitali and Daniel.The pirateship was the best for me, my group and I played tag, but if you got caught the seeker will bring you in the prison under the ship.and you needed to be freed. I ate ice cream and slush ice.Daniel had crisps and seeseme sticks.

Tiana, Englisch Forderkurs